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Eleven Rack Rediscovery - cab AND no cab

Discussion in 'Digital & Modeling Gear' started by radix, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. radix

    radix Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    Have always preferred a traditional guitar cab + power amp to combine with a modeler.
    Have success with the Zoom G3 into the return of TM60, but cannot never really work with that on the 11R.
    So i have gotten a Velcotiy 100 + cab of TM60 with 11R now , to get that elusive amp-in-the-room sound.

    So after many tweakings, i still could not get a good set of clean to overdrives to dirt sounds. Until a couple of days ago i was about to sell the velocity 100 for something else, i gave it another go.

    Now i realise, for all the clean to slight dirt patches, the CAB must be ON, and chose the mic to taste. For the heavy stuff, the CAB must be OFF.
    Previously all of the time i have the CAB off (which seems the logical thing to do), and alot of th patches seems kinda trebly and presence-ly. No matter how i para + graphic EQ, it still seems too direct.

    NOW i'm getting it and digging in the notes, bonding so to speak.

    So with that re-discovery, i actually start to use the 11R more often, also sparked off the idea to use it with my long forgotten Riffworks , have forgotten how inspiring and useful it is . And finally manage to did a rather complete song here, although it's USB direct, but well i have re-discovered the 11R in a fresh way again!


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