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Elton John v. Billy Joel v. Paul Simon

Most impressive body of work?

  • Elton John

    Votes: 90 42.3%
  • Billy Joel

    Votes: 31 14.6%
  • Paul Simon

    Votes: 92 43.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


I can't help how Billboard categorizes sh*t, man. I am not sure if you noticed, bu Paul Simon and Metallica don't really sound very similar, or have similar fan bases. You could say Metallica is music for stinky pot-filled vans filled with drunken, drugged metalheads getting ready for their McDonald's gig. Insults are easy. C'mon dude bro.

The point just sailed over your head. The AC chart is designed by labels to promote chart success of acts within a strictly limited genre - in the same way the Mainstream Rock chart does. If it doesn't break on the Billboard chart - IT WAS NOT A HIT. Just because you hit 70 Homers one year in AAA doesn't mean you are better than the Babe.
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Well, I've seen BJ and EJ on stage together and EJ won that. As far as body of work, PS and EJ are pretty equal. But EJ has some shlock in there that PS doesn't. Nod to PS.


"Graceland became Simon's most successful studio album and his highest-charting album in over a decade; it is estimated to have sold up to 16 million copies worldwide. It was lauded by critics, won the 1987 Grammy for Album of the Year, and is frequently cited as one of the best albums of all time. In 2006, it was added to the United States' National Recording Registry as "culturally, historically, or aesthetically important".[1]"

The singles listed below were all top 20.

Singles from Graceland
  1. "You Can Call Me Al"
    Released: September 5, 1986
  2. "Graceland"
    Released: November 1986
  3. "The Boy in the Bubble"
    Released: February 17, 1987
  4. "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes"
    Released: April 1987
  5. "Under African Skies"
    Released: August 1987

Singles from The Rhythm of the Saints
  1. "The Obvious Child"
    Released: September 1990
  2. "Proof"
    Released: February 1991
  3. "Born at the Right Time"
    Released: 1991
Grammy's and congressional accolades are motivated by media more than anything else. So, for that matter, are chart listings. Did Brittany Spears or the Spice Girls ever release a song worthy of a Grammy or placing high on the charts? It's all who gets paid by who and judging talent on such things is pointless.


Kinda funny. Just this Monday I was telling my bandmates that I didn't think Joel had a catalog that stood up to time. Bass bro started naming songs...Rocket Man? Me: That's Elton John, lol. He named 3 other John songs while we laughed. Drummer bro says "The Stranger?" Me: only when the wife's out of town.

Personal taste aside, and trying to answer which has the most "impressive body of work"...I think maybe Simon, if only because he seemed to at least try to change lanes even if just a swerve with his African influenced stuff.

If the question is which I prefer, or which had songs that I think stand up 50-60 years later, its Elton John.


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Dude.... Italian Restaurant?Capt Jack? New York State of mind!? Can add 10 more to that list easy........

Finally? Who has a cool motorcycle collection!? Married to Christe Brinkley in her prime?

Answer: The Piano man hands down. :bow
Simon had Edie Brickell in her prime. That, to my mind, is more impressive.


Elton is automatically disqualified because for most of his body of work he did not write his own lyrics.

So Billy because he has had way more popular chart hits than Paul.


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Simon had Edie Brickell in her prime. That, to my mind, is more impressive.
To that end, Simon was also married to Carrie Fisher for a moment in the early ‘80s.


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Been thinking of these 3 artists and their music. Who do YOU think has the most impressive body of work? And why?

Good question Mr. OP and then the thread turns into who had the most hits which has nothing to do with most impressive body of work. Personally I put all three in the upper tier of great songwriters of the 20th Century.

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