email/share recorded tracks to other band mates over the interweb help


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We are working on original material, I have the burden of writing most of the songs. Since we are all working full time and have families practice can only be done together once, maybe twice a week.

So, I am looking for an easy and inexpensive (would like to avoid everyone having to purchase a particular program) way to email or file share songs so that everyone can work on their particular parts.

I have tried to email with DAW and can only send off 30 second clips because the files are too large.

I have tried sound cloud, but not very impressed with that.

Most of us have garage band, but I don't think there is a way to share.

Worst case I guess I could just burn discs and hand them out at practice for guys to take home.

How are you or how have you done this in the past?
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Use a large file service like sendthisfile, or a free sharing service like Hotmail's Skydrive.
Most email limits are too low for full resolution wav files longer than a few seconds.
Most DAWs now can import and export wav files, so that's your common currency.


746 will collect your tracks and you can upload project files and wav's with it. That way you don't have to worry about relining them up and such, you preserve effects configurations/routing/blah blah.

You can collaborate on a big song, and it updates it when you want. It works with reaper, ProTools, and a whole bunch of other DAW's, so I'm sure it works with garageband as well.


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i would just bounce to mp3 and email it -- if it's only for learning songs, who cares about resolution?

but you can bounce to wav and use mediafire to share the big files. IMO, mediafire is the easiest of all the large file transfer sites.

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3,530 gives you "up to two hours for free" as well. If it's just for learning songs, I'd say use it. They have a great (and free) iPhone/iPad app as well.

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