Sold EMG DG-20 (DG20) Strat Loaded Pickguard / Pickups



Beautiful white pearloid pickguard loaded with the EMG DG20 set. These are active pickups with volume and 2 active tone-shaping pots. The first is the EXGwhich expands the bass and treble frequencies with an active boost circuit. The second is EMG's famous mid-boost circuit SPC which gives you those warm, fat tones to cut through the mix. Excellent for soaring solos or lead lines (a la Gilmour) or for fattening up blues playing (Clapton often uses mid-boost circuits in his strats).


This will totally transform your stock Strat and give you tons of tonal versatility. The unit is in great shape and has only normal wear from light use.

Price is $245 shipped / PP
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