EMG Pickup Trivia Question, Be the Winner!

...Win bragging rights anyway, which are hard to come by on here.

The final bonus round question....I have a loaded pickguard with 3 EMG single coil pickups. Each pickup has a sticker on the back that reads "IG" and the active tone and volume pots say EXG and SPC on the back. What EMG set do I have? (Cue Jeopardy music)
What do I win?

Bragging rights of course, all will know TStaples cracked the code. I'm not 100% convinced they are the David Gilmours though. They do have the SPC Presence Control and EXG Guitar Expander, but the "IG" sticker is still throwing me. The David Gilmour set sticker has DG-20 on the back, or the former EMG-SA sticker from the set before they made it his signature pickup. What the heck is "IG"? Thanks for the interest btw, it's much appreciated!


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The David Gilmour set will have Gold lettering ..
The Vince Gill set will have Silver lettering ...

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