Eminence - Favorite Speakers for 2X12 Cab


4 sure .... !

Or maybe I had 2 or 4 too many beers when I listened .... LOL


This is what I love about these "what is favorite" questions.

Everyone has their own opinion....

I guess I'll have to buy some speakers and see for myself..
if they dont work out.... then please check my ads on the Emporium!!

yeah speakers are addictive

Shoot an email Tony at Eminence. I have in the past and he's been helpful:
Email: anthony.lucas@eminence.com



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A Ragin Cajun would be sweet in that thing. Very clear with a very tight low-end at higher volumes. It's a loud speaker so your amp may seem louder at current volume levels too...maybe be a good or bad thing, I suppose. Anyway, check out some sound clip comparisons, at:


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Need advice on Eminence Speaker for a Port City 2x12,

I play in a Jam Band - covering Grateful Dead, Allman Bros, WSP. So I gotta kick out some Betts and Garcia from same rig. I do have pedals for various tone flavors.

My amp is a 18 watt DRRI which I converted to a head ..Plus I have an Egnater Rebel 30 when needed.

Speakers will go into a 2x12 Port City Cab which I got 2 weeks ago.

So I have been thinking of the following...

Please comment on these or add your choice of Emi speakers/ pair.

Choice #1 - Wizard + Governor
Choice #2 - Cannabis Rex + Governor
Choice #3 - Cannabis Rex X 2

I have a 2x12 Port City with a Wizzard and Governor. Somebody put those in and I bought it that way. I thought for sure I was going to dump the speakers but it sounds killer


I've tried the Wizard/Governor combo and 2 Wizards. I like the 2 Wizards better.

I've also done 2 Texas Heats, and that has so far been my favorite combo of the bunch. For the style that you mentioned, I think it would work great. Bass is round and tight, but more than ample highs and mids to cut through for solos.


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i have a Swamp Thang/Wizard combo in my 2X12" i haven't considered changing the speakers since i hooked them up. great full range sound, handles distortion & clean equally well, very efficient (LOUD). not one complaint.


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If you aren't stuck on Eminence speakers, I'd recommend a Cannabis rex and a Weber ceramic California (with a paper dome). I used to play my DRRI with a California in the amp cabinet and a Cannabis rex in a 1 x 12 extension cabinet and it sounded great.

Drop D Cups

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Nobody seems to ever talk about them, but I love the Eminence Manowar.
They have a lot of bass response and not in a flubby way, either.
The midrange response is smooth, and the top end is crisp without the ice-pick overtones so many speakers have.

I like it better than my Emi Red Fang which costs way way more.

When it comes to the C-rex, I don't care for the top end. Unless you will pair it with a chimer.

Still my favorite Eminence speakers. Have tried the Delta, Legends, Texas Heat, Wizards, Swamp Thangs and Governers.

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