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Sold Eminence Lil Texas 12" 8 Ohm Speaker, 2 pairs 6V6 Groove Tubes


Silver Supporting Member
For sale is an Eminence Lil Texas 12" 8 ohm speaker. Weighs around 4 pounds due to the Neo magnent. It came in a cabinet that I bought and decided to go a different route. Home use only. Nice lightweight option for a combo amp. $65.00 PP and Shipped.
GT6V6's came in Fender Princeton Reverbs and were pulled and put in a drawer - $15.00 per pair PP & Shipped.



Silver Supporting Member
Thumbs up on a Lil Texas Neo!! I'm using one now. It displaced a Scumback J75 and a Weber Hemp Cone Silver Bell. This is a great value in a speaker.

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