Eminence Wizard Impressions


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Thought this might be of interest, considering the Wizard posts of late:

Emi Wizard went into the Classic 30 this weekend, replacing the wgs green beret. I wasn't digging the clean sounds from the gb, and the bottom end was lacking.

Huge improvement on all levels. Cleans are great - depending on how I eq the amp, I can come very close to bassman - style sounds with my strat and tele. Imagine a bassman w/el-84s, if that makes sense. With other EQ settings I can come pretty close to vox-ish cleans, too, which I love.

Gain channel is much better, as well. I felt like I was fighting with the GB to get a sound I was after. The Wizard has it from the get-go. EQ and add/subtract gain to taste.

also, this speaker is loud. I was at 4 last night on my C30 more than keeping up with a drummer and very aggressive bass player (vintage Gibson EBO through an old Dual Showman head and vintage 2x12 cab - very cool tone!!!), and had zero problem being heard. Only a hint of breakup on the clean channel with humbuckers, which sounded great anyway. I may throw a lower gain tube in to get some more headroom, but that almost broken up sound is so nice...


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I loved the way the Wizard sounded in my Fuchs ODS combo. Unfortunately I was getting some cone cry at higher volumes. This did not subside with break-in. Had this not been the case I would likely have never even explored other speaker options - it just sounded fantastic! I ended up auditioning quite a few speakers before choosing a well broken-in 80's OEM EVM-12L, a speaker I'm ultimately happier with than the Wizard for this amp. Just the same the Wizard is on my short list of favorite speakers and one I would likely use in a 2x12 configuration as a pair or mixed with another complimentary speaker for a rock rig.

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