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Emporium Rules

Discussion in 'Announcements To The Membership' started by aleclee, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. aleclee

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    THE EMPORIUM RULES (see Rules 10+ for how to leave feedback)
    Last amended on July 1, 2017

    1. ONLY SUPPORTING MEMBERS CAN START ADS IN THE EMPORIUMS. Ads are routinely deleted after 45 days to keep the emporiums from filling with sold items. Please read the Emporium Rules, which are a "sticky thread" on each Emporium area. TGP is not responsible for transactions between members. Transactions are at your own risk. The Gear Page takes no responsibility for transactions. Use appropriate judgment when buying or selling. Get full descriptions, photos, keep copies of all communications, talk to the person on the phone and, if your gut tells you that something doesn't feel right, don't do the deal.

    2. Private individual sellers may list items for sale in the regular Emporiums. Commercial sellers must list items in the Commercial subsections, which appear directly under the main section (Amps, Guitars, Effects, etc.) in the forum hierarchy. This area is exclusively for businesses to post items in. However, we will allow each commercial seller to have one ad in the regular emporiums that highlights what is being sold in the commercial emporiums. This ad may NOT be for a separate item.....it MUST be an advertisement that shows what you are selling in the commercial emporiums. Here is an example: Commercial seller has 4 ads in the Commercial Guitar emporium. That seller is then allowed to have one ad in the regular emporium that shows what he/she is selling in the commercial area. We have 3 basic areas where there is a commercial emporium (Amps & Cabs, Guitars, and Pedals). Commercial sellers may have one ad in each of the regular emporiums to highlight their ads in the commercial emporiums. Please remember that our members overwhelmingly chose to separate our commercial sellers from private sellers. Intentionally violating this request is disrespectful to your potential customers.

    WHO IS A BUSINESS? Our criteria for determining that a member is a business includes that they either have a business license for selling musical instruments or that they sell brand new items.

    3. The level of supporting membership dictates how many ads you can have in any one emporium at the same time. Here is what the software is set to allow:

    Supporting Member - 4 ads in each emporium
    Silver Supporting Member - 6 ads in each emporium
    Gold Supporting Member - 8 ads in each emporium
    Commercial sellers are allowed one ad in each of the regular emporiums that highlights what is being sold in the relevant commercial area.

    4. Prefixes - Please use the various prefixes available. If your item is on Ebay and is an auction, use the "FA" prefix. Other items should have either a "FS" (for sale) or "FT" (for trade). When an item is sold, please change the prefix to "Sold". The software limits you to no more than 4 ads in each emporium area at any one time unless you are a Silver or Gold supporting member.

    5. All ads are auto-deleted after 45 days to help get rid of sold items. Unsold items become "stale" and you are encouraged to post another ad for the item after the original ad is deleted.

    6. The software is set to only allow one "bump" for an ad per day. Posting DOES NOT bump the ad. Look above the first post of your ad and you will see "Up Thread". Click on that in order to actually move your ad to the 1st page.

    7. You must post a price or what you want in trade in your ad, even if the item is on Reverb or Ebay (unless the item is up for auction). DO NOT just post a link to the other site. Your TGP ad should have a complete description and, if possible, photos. If you are willing to trade or sell, please post what you are willing to accept in trade and also include the price you would sell for. No fishing with ads that say something like "Will trade xxxx. What do you have?"

    8. No negative comments allowed about someone's ad, pricing or gear. If you think that the price is too high, move on and don't buy.

    9. Only one ad (make sure that it's the correct emporium!) per item being sold. Don't post the same item more than once or in more than one emporium area.

    10. You are welcome to use tags or keywords that are accurate in ads but may not use misleading tags. If you use misleading tags or keywords, we will send a warning the first time. A second offense will lead to suspension from selling in the emporiums.

    11. PayPal Gift is not an approved form of payment due to its lack of protection for buyers. Ads may not ask for PayPal Gift nor may sellers request buyers pay via PayPal Gift.

    Leaving Feedback

    12. We encourage people to leave feedback for each other. Please be reasonable in your feedback! No system is perfect and any system can be manipulated. If we catch people leaving fake feedback for others, you can expect at least a suspension, if not a ban. Integrity is important for emporium deals and for feedback accuracy. Feedback disputes are entirely between the buyer and seller and the staff of The Gear Page will NOT get involved.

    13. To leave feedback, click on the "Feedback score" by their buyer's/seller's user name and you will see an option to "submit feedback for.....". You are not required to leave comments, but it would be nice if you did. You must first select whether you were the buyer or seller, then you must choose whether the rating you are giving is positive, neutral or negative. In order to complete the feedback process, you MUST include the url of the ad.

    14. Once an item is sold, we now request that the seller change the prefix to "Sold" instead of closing the thread or deleting it. This is a new option for members and is ONLY able to be done in emporium threads. You are reminded that TGP requires you to post an asking price in your ad; it would be nice if you left the actual selling price in your closed/locked ad so that others researching prices can benefit from knowing what similar items have sold for.
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