ENO Unparallel Phaser


Hi. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about the ENO Unparallel Phaser? Anyone try one? It's part of their "Extreme" series, whatever that is.

I saw this on eBay locally and it caught my eye, with a different set of controls than what I've seen on phasers. I bought it on a whim as the price was okay and it should be here in a couple of days. I don't usually buy on a whim, but the ENO rat clone I had was okay, so I thought I'd give this a shot as I'd like a cheapie phaser to experiment with.

This pedal isn't on the English ENO site, but it's on their Chinese one. It's not listed at the Effects Database. And googling turns up little in English.

Just curious more than anything.



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Can't help you, but phaser is the effect that has amongst the most variations (say vs delay which has only 3: BBD, PT2399, digital or Flanger/chorus). They can be optical, FET or OTA based or digital. FET is the smallest, so that's what I'm guessing, either that or digital.

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