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Entry Level Delay???


Hi - I am a tele player (into a C30 with a Blue Dog) who likes the driving country/rock sound (in the vain of the BoDeans). I am looking for a delay pedal to fill out my pedal board.

I have been watching the posts about the MXR Carbon Copy. I tried one at a Guitar Center and it did not floor me but I think I need to get it into my rig for a real test drive.

I just ran across a post for the Biyang AD-8 for about half the price of the Carbon Copy. I can't figure out who is a dealer that would have one to demo. I am curious to hear from those who have used it.

Anyway, I am looking for thoughts and opinions regarding those two or any other delay pedals I should think about. $150 is about the limit for what I am willing to spend on one. I do want true bypass and a good sound. Simple right? Ha!



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I'm a delay addict. I have 6 on my board, and I've owned tons more that I sold off through the years.

If you want legit true bypass, your options are pretty sparce for under 150. Carbon Copy isn't even really true bypass (but it doesn't make much difference and I can pretty much always hear the difference). A bigger question is- what are you planning to use it for? Slapback country tones? Long ambient tones? Subtle deepening lead tones? U2 tones? Tap Tempo? Depending on your application changes my answer.

If you want cheap without tap tempo and a fairly lofi type thing my answer is:
-Carbon Copy or Ibanez DE7
If you want tap tempo, the problem gets harder. and more fun in the end. :)


Go back to Guitar Center and plug the Carbon Copy back in.

Try it with a similar guitar and amp that you use.

Play something clean and mess with the delay settings.
..then try a little overdrive and mess with the settings.

I bet you'll be excited. It's an awesome pedal, just get comfortable and play with it for a few minutes to get a feel for it.

Something loud and clean will totally shine. You'll be stoked.
There is a reason not a lot of Delays feature Truebypass. When you have a good buffer at the end of your chain, it helps with tone loss.

Good entry level delays:
Ibanez DE-7 Delay
Danelectro PB+J Delay
Danelectro Dan Echo
Danelectro Reel Echo
EH #1 Echo
Digitech Digi Delay
Marshall Echohead Digital Delay
Boss DD3
Guyatone MD3
Ibabez AD-9 Delay
Tech 21 Boost DLA
MXR Carbon Copy
Digitech Hardwire Delay/Looper

I think the Digitech is the only True Bypass pedal I listed.



What is a good starting point to tap tempo delay? I am thinking of maybe meeting the needs with, one for slapback and one for longer delays. The tap tempo approach might eliminate the need for multiple units?

Thanks for the comments so far!
You should get either a DE-7 or a PB+J. Neither units have Tap Tempo, but they have different settings for slapback, and long delay.

I use the PB+J and I love it. Got it for 20 bucks in the emporium. I mostly use the longer delay setting, but its nice to know with a kick of a footswitch I can be in slapback mode. Its a digital delay, but it sounds analog. It also does the crazy self oscillation noises when you turn the speed knob.

Start with something basic like the Dano or De-7. If you want to move on to a "better" delay, then you can always sell the PB+J or DE-7. Buy used, and you won't take a hit.



Line 6 DL-4. It's over your budget and not particularly loved on TGP but it's got Tap Tempo, 3 pre-sets & really easy to use. It's on alot of pedalboards being used.

It's not really entry level though I guess...but it's easy to use!
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If I was looking for a first delay, I wouldn't start with analog (Carbon Copy, etc.,) They're quirky beasts; an acquired taste you'd best work your way down to (lo-fidelity).

Several recs for the Ibanez DE-7, and I'll add mine. Tap-tempo, an "analog/tape" mode, more time on tap than most analog delays (they top out at around a half second) and decent buffering.

A 'true"-bypassed delay will chop off the trails when you turn off the pedal - that's not necessarily a good thing.

The DE-7's around 60 bucks new, which makes it one of the biggest bangs for the buck available.

A serious no-brainer, IMO..

****EDIT*****Just read you last post again. My rhythm guitarist uses two DE-7s; one set for slapback (short delay/single repeat) and the other set for long spacey trails. $140 Canadian against my 2 thousand dollars worth of analog delay (Diamond Memory Lane, Deluxe Memory Man, Jacques Prisoner, etc., etc...) and the audience cain't tell the difference


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Don`t mean to spam, but I have a Guyatone MD2 in the emporium along with a bunch of other pedals but that is the only delay.

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I really like the tone on the BBE Two Timer. It's shorter than the MXR, but warmer. No modulation, but two time presets and TB.


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Hi - I am a tele player (into a C30 with a Blue Dog) who likes the driving country/rock sound (in the vain of the BoDeans). I am looking for a delay pedal to fill out my pedal board.
Last time I heard, country and DD3s go together like PB&J. I sold off one earlier today for $55, keep your eyes peeled for deals. I ended up keeping my other one for the blue moon, which is about as often as I do some country pickin'.


+1 on the DE-7, I run 4 delays on my board two dd-2's a dm-2 and a Malekko. But the best bang for the buck is the DE-7, I shouldn't have sold mine.


Thanks for the tips. I picked up a used DE-7 tonight from Dave's Guitar Shop. I also have a line on a Boss DD-6 that I will test drive this weekend. So begins the delay tone quest.

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