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Epiphone Dot vs, Epiphone Sheraton?

squeally dan

I'm looking for a hollowbody to use for solo jazz as well as maybe some gigs with my wedding band. I haven't had a chance to try any out yet. I did look at some youtube clips of the Epi Dot and really liked what I heard. Just wanting to know which you guys prefer or if their is another brand I should check out. Also, whats the difference between a sheraton and a sheraton II?


They're pretty much the same guitar, 'cept for neck binding, block inlays with pearl accents, and floral headstock inlays in the Sheraton.


I found the build quality on the sheraton that I played to be quite a bit better than that of the dots. The sheraton was made in Korea and the Dots are made in China, so they definately aren't coming out of the same plant. The fretboard was higher quality (plus had the nice binding), and the fretwork was much better. As a result, it played a lot better. The body felt more resonant and alive. I didn't spend enough time with it to really comment on the pickups, but since the Epi Dot I played most recently was the Deluxe, the pickups were supposed to be the same as those on the sheraton, so my guess is that the overall sound wouldn't be much different. I didn't find the Sheraton or the Dot to have a good of a sound as the Xaviere XV-900 that I wound up buying, though I felt that the sheraton played better.


Gold Supporting Member

Jimmy MAck

I just played an Epi Sheraton (China) and Lucille (Chinese) at Manny's. They were on sale. I brought home the Lucille. The Sheraton was very nice too, action was too low, so the tone was a tad thin. Nice necks, bigger than most, and close to my LP"s.

If it weren't for the Poly finish (which is very well done) the quality is mind boggling good. I love the jazz tone I'm getting in Fender tube amps. The Lucille is halfway between my LP and L5 CES, like a 335 should be. No f holes but, I don't miss them. It also nails the Larry Carlton tone surprisingly well.

I never liked the Dots very much, but mainly because I never needed an inexpensive
semi-hollow. My student has one, and it's pretty OK. Check out the Lucille and Sheraton on Harmony Central reviews and then go to Musician's Friend for sales or S&D!

Happy hunting

Jimi D

The necks on Sheratons and DOts are built differently.
Troof... Sheraton necks are thinner...

The best Asian semi-hollow I've played to date was an Epi DOT Studio that just sounded fantastic... Neck was nice, frets reasonably well done... I don't know if it was the thin finish or just a lucky alignment of the stars but this one was exceptional... Don't know why I didn't buy it - it was so cheap! - but I've been kicking myself for walking away from it for months...


In my experience with a half dozen or so Epi dots and two Sheraton IIs, both Sheratons blew away the dots.
The Dots are good value for money guitars but the Sheratons are much better. Probably the best guitar Epiphone make


have the sheraton II, after replacing the electronics and pups its a great guitar, neck is better than the epi dot, the dot is darker and duller, sheraton II is more lively,

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