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Epiphone EL-00


I just picked one up at the local pawn shop for a song. 2003 model made in Korea. From what I gather, it looks like the new ones are Chinese made.

After a good cleaning, set up and new strings, this little beauty has a real nice tone and playability. Different tone than the Seagull S6 folk I have, but a nice tone nonetheless for a small body, import guitar. Thinking of changing the nut, bridge and pins out for Tusq.

Just curious if anyone has or had one and what your thoughts are.


I found a Brand new Korean model hanging on the wall at a major chain about 1 1/2 years ago. Was surprised as they had the newer MIC model out with the slightly different body shape for quite a while. I had been researching the el00 for a while and was looking for one. Lovely little guitar! Sounds really nice and much better than the old Gibson LG's I was trying out. And cheeeeeap!


I have played a bunch and for the money they are nice little guitars. Prefer them to alot of the other imported pressed copies of Gibson small bodies.

The best thing you can do for that little guitar or any acoustic is to put heavy guage strings on it and raise the action as high as you can go because that it what it takes to drive the top.

Enjoy the new addition to the family.


I've got a Korean Epiphone (not an 00) made at the peerless plant,nice guitar,some people have said it matters which Korean plant it was made at but I don't know this to be true


2011 TGP Silver Medalist
Gold Supporting Member
If it had a wider nut width...say like 1.75...I'd get one of these!

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