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Epiphone Riviera Coupe

Bob T.

A 339-sized Epiphone Riviera; trapeze tailpiece or maybe stop bar ala Robben Ford. Mini buckers required of course. Iced tea, cherry red, and maybe blonde? Black? Pelham blue?

Would this not be an absolute killer offering from Epiphone to go alongside the semi-hollows they are offering now?


Silver Supporting Member
if they did, they might just call it Epiphone ES-390:

Personally I'm done with Chinese guitars unless I can get my hands on one of these:

Jimmy MAck

You are right. I am missing my '64 Riviera with a Stop TP (not stock). But the mini-hums were so sweet. I believe the wood they used in '64 to make my guitar was xtra special.
Let's hope.

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