epiphone spotligh PRS lawsuit model


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Here's a rather dodgy snap of the epiphone spotlight, a guitar which has been on stage with me for 20 years.

This thing is almost vintage nowadays and will not give up!
I recently acquired a PRS SE and had loan of a new PRS US model, but they don't seem to be able to hold a candle to the epi for some reason.

This was the model that had to be discontinued due to the lawsuit with PRS in the 80s, kinda funny when you think about modern day goings-on in the courts between the two.

The guitar has a stienberger trem, EMG pickups, a coil tap for both coils and a reverse phaze switch.
It's got a thru-neck all the way from the strap button up to the tip of the headstock which is mahogony, and is capped with a 2 fat slices of maple with a very generous finish that's almost 3D with the lights on it

The finish is fantastic and doesnt scratch too easily, and the sustain is to die for.

Anyone else know anything about these things? They are quite rare and Gibson/epiphone refuses to comment on them.

I plan on getting this one cloned if possible because I can't imagine doing a gig without it, even though it weighs a ton


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