I have a blackstar fly. I want to add an od pedal to get to the gain territory for metal....what are your recommendations? Also looking to get an eq pedal...does fish and chips do the job? ids the behringer eq pedal decent? or should i just suck it up and get an mxr?


I'd avoid anything that has the name Behringer on it out of personal experience.

There are a million pedals on the market.

Everyone here is going to give you a different recommendation.

I would say, you don't want an "overdrive" pedal for high gain metal - you want a "distortion" pedal. An overdrive might do it in tandem with the amp's own internal drive, but you may have just as much success (and more tonal possibilities) if you use a distortion pedal with a cleaner setting on the amp.

That's a really tiny little amp (no offense) so you can't really expect to get thunderous metal tones out of it. But the video demo I watched - it sounded pretty darn good! I wouldn't mind having one as a "travel amp".

I'd suggest a Rat style pedal - can be clean-ish to higher gain, to basically fuzz tones (and the Filter control really gives it a lot of versatility).

You may also want to look into something like a Boss Metal Zone, or at least compare that kind of tone with Rat-style tones, or "Marshall-in-a-box" (MIAB) style tones so see what's going to work best for you. A Boss DS-1 Distortion or the Super Overdrive are not a bad choices - they're only $50.

I've had issues with DOD/Digitech and Danelectro "cheap" pedals in the past (and Behringer in general) so for "cheap but trustworthy" Boss really can't be beat. But MXR does make solid stuff in that price range as well. There's also Electro-Harmonix, and they make solid stuff, and a lot of people seem happy with the Mooer stuff as well. Let's just say, something with a metal housing and metal switch is always better than plastic stuff. But Boss has been in the business long enough with a formula that works, so, I wouldn't overlook them.

Why do you want an EQ?

You can use it prior to or after a drive/distortion pedal to really shape the tone, and that could be good, but I would say you might be better off to take any money you'd put into the EQ and put that into the drive/dist pedal instead.

May be hard to find, but if you can find demos of certain pedals into that amp demonstrating the sound you want, that would be the more effective way (outside of users here who may have been through what you're going through).

It sounds like you may be young possibly, and maybe don't have a lot of money to burn. Most of us went through "beginner pedals" and honestly I don't think there's any shame in that. I don't see anything wrong with Boss, or MXR, or Electro-Harmonix pedals as your "first" pedals - many people who've used them STILL HAVE THEM MANY YEARS LATER AND STILL USE THEM! Pros use them. Boss DS1 is a great bargain if the sound works for you. It has and does for many.

But man, when you're talking about $14 or $28 pedals, you really can't expect that much. I know it might seem odd to spend more on a pedal than your amp cost, but honestly to get any sort of decent quality you probably do need to be in that $100 range like the Boss GE7 - the smaller MXR may not give you enough control. And just so you know in case you don't, not only is the sound quality usually poor on those really cheap pedals - more noise (something EQ pedals are known for by the way) but also cheaper jacks, switches, and so on.

I'm not saying a $28 Fish and Chips wouldn't work - but don't expect it to be the solution to all your problems or give you god-like tone or something. It may do exactly what you need and at that price might be worth trying if that's what you really need. You know, if it's Christmas gift from Nana or something and that's the price range you want to ask in, go for it. If you've never used an EQ pedal before, that's great to learn on.

What I would do is buy a nice overdrive/distortion pedal first, and see if you can get the tones you want out of that before throwing an EQ in the mix. Stay with those $50 Boss, MXR, or EHX pedals to begin with - they're easy to find, easy to replace, readily available, and so on.

If you can go try them, all the better! That amp is small enough that you can carry it to the store with your and try some things out!!!


I'd assume your wanting budget, so Biyang for both distortion and eq. Their eq is actually one one best there is for the $$$.



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Boss GE7 for EQ.

For OD either an MXR Custom Modified Badass (hard rock), or a Fullbore Metal (metal).

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