eq pedal; fx loops, or, on the pedal chain?


Hi, i play heavy metal and I want to get an eq pedal, i recently discovered that its best to put it in the fx lopps than on the front of the amp, i just saw this on a youtube video and it kind of makes sense to me. i can see that the pedal will start to eq the signal depending on the place you put it. But my amp lacks of this feature, i have a Marshall CFX30. So whats best? New amp with fx loops? or in front of the amp? thanks!!


Well if you set up amp for nice loud clean and then use a pedal for dirt out front you can still drop a eq in very nicely after the pedal.

But eq out front can be a very nice tool with most solid state amps, just don't try to overdrive it to much. You change sound going in you can change a lot character on your amp.

But I will agree in metal tones having eq last in your drive chain is the best.

I've never played that amp so I can't comment there.


Wish I could remember which web article I read about two years ago to share with you here... but it went over about 5-7 different ways an EQ could be used, depending on need. Some of the ways that come back to mind are...

1) using it to fortify some frequencies as a fixative measure in perhaps your base tone (pre-other fx)
2) using it to remove unwanted frequency/ies either in your equipment mix or room dynamics.
3) using it as a boost
4) using it to adjust your final sound (either last in your pedal chain in front of the amp, or in the fx loop)
5) dialing it for a parked wah sound

Did you have any particular motivation for buying your EQ?

I have a vintage 10-band MXR (no footswitch) in front of my JCM 800 50w 1x12 combo that I use to doctor some low end... mush & buzz ('muzziness')... a bit in establishing my base tone.

I have a VFE Rocket Parametric EQ that I use as a subtle clean boost of some low-mids in front my 50w plexi clone.

One thing I've seen mentioned in a number of EQ related pieces is that using it to boost frequencies can add noise. So I try to set my eq's up as neutral overall as possible only to address the frequencies needing alteration.

Depending on your intention, could drive on where you place it in your signal chain.


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