EQD Arrows, Durham Reddverb, Shoe Robert, Culturejam Deluxe Rat

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CULTUREJAM RAT - TRADED - Culturejam's Rat PCB with a Rat 2 enclosure (and assembled by him) with dipswitches for LED, Silicon and Germanium clipping for Rat, Turbo Rat and You Dirty Rat sounds. The Swiss Army knife of Rats! No box or velcro, comes with data sheet for the PCB for the dipswitch positions, and an extra chip for experimentation! Full description from the man himself:

Up for grabs is my trusty fully-rebuilt-with-all-the-good-mods ProCo Rat. The enclosure is a typical Rat 2. I pulled all the guts and rebuilt it with a circuit board I designed just for that purpose. I also added the most common mods right on the PCB: diode clipping options and the Ruetz mod. I also used a standard Boss-style DC power jack, so you can use your normal multi-tap supply. So from the outside it looks like a standard modern Rat, but on the inside it's a beast of versatility. A real sleeper, and fully put together by a trooper of Team America! **** yeah!

Via the internal DIP switch, you can choose between LED, silicon, and germanium (yes they are real NOS germanium) clipping diodes. This gives you Rat, Turbo Rat, and You Dirty Rat models all in one box. The other switch in the bank toggles the Ruetz mod off or on. I used nice parts all around (film caps everywhere possible, metal film resistors, etc). The op amp pads have a socket, so you can switch out chips all you want. There are some extra nuts and washes visible...I added these to cover up some holes that a previous owner drilled in the case for a variety of poorly executed mods.

SOLD - EQD ARROWS - $85 - Like new, never velcroed or gigged, etc. Comes with box, bag, all that stuff. - SOLD

DURHAM REDDVERB - $140- Ugh, this pedal is so cool, really might keep it. No footswitch, so it's an always-on type pedal, but the preamp/gain in this is so sweet, sounds great on guitar and bass, and the reverb is good and spring-y, but never too out of control. Mix knob intended for foot control. Very unique pedal. Comes with box, no velcro, but some surface scratches on the bottom, nothing major though. SOLD

SOLD - SHOE PEDALS ROBERT DELUXE - $100 - SOLD - Killer fuzz inspired by the Buzzaround, but definitely its own thing. Good volume roll-off and lots of tonal possibilities with the stock, light and dark switch in the middle, which is a deluxe option not available in the regular version. Some surface scratches but purely cosmetic, no gouges. No velcro, or box.
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