EQD Bit Commander + Stereo Memory w Hazarai BOTH SOLD

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SOLD Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai $135 pp SOLD
smmwh smmw/h
No issues, velcro on bottom. You will just be receiving the pedal on this one. I bought this to use with a synth I have, and it is great for that. For what I have been working on, I've realized I would like to try something that can talk via midi.

SOLD EQD Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander $140 pp SOLD
No issues, bought new ~3 months ago. Includes box, manual, and a little bag. This also was used primarily with synths, on my desktop. It has a wider range of sounds than I expected. I'm only selling it because I want a more traditional germanium fuzz box for guitar, and I have way too many stompboxes right now, so I've instated a one in one out policy.

Trades +/- cash
Eventide Timefactor or Space
Boss RV-5
EQD Hoof Reaper
Bearfoot HBOD Honey Bee
Neunaber mono or stereo Wet
The Elements
Ditto looper
Germanium Fuzz
Boomerang looper
Smallsound Bigsound
~Feel free to shoot me other offers, but please no Wahs, other ODs, modulation~

All my prices are PP "regular", so *0.97 if you want to do "gift."
I ship USPS Priority, the next business day.
I'll be adding photos, and more items, throughout the weekend.
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