Equipment Database/Tracker?


I am wondering if there is any site, file, etc out there that tracks what equipment came out, when, and maybe when it was updated. I know it's a tall order, but for my part, I am a late comer to the pedal/effect game, though I have been playing guitar professionally on/off for a few decades. I was always a clean player, but now that I have begun messing with means of fattening, altering, improving, and or just changing around, sweetening my tone/sound, I'm kind of hooked.

You'd be shocked how hard it can be to track down what year a certain piece of equipment came on the scene. For some of the more modern (last 10 years) stuff, you can figure it out by going to youtube and looking at the oldest videos. It's not a perfect method, but it works somewhat. For other pieces of gear, you can track earliest references on the web, etc. But still, it's a bit of a shocker to me that I can't easily go out and figure out what year the Zoom G5 came out, or the Boss GT8, etc.. I keep thinking that it would be good to put together a tracker, like an excel file or something that lists this sort of thing, and that got me to thinking that maybe one is already out there in existence (after all, I can't be the first to think this).

Anyone know of anything like this, however complete or incomprehensive?

I think sometimes, it can be useful to know what year things were made so you can cross reference with what was going on in the world at said time etc.

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