Eric Johnson / Allen Holdsworth chord forms (video lesson)


You are a stand up guy and a stellar contributor to this site - many thanks for your generous offerings! Now if you don't mind, I'd better go practice - I have a long way to catch up.


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Well done- great explanation of that technique.

I always heard it as starting on a G add2 chord and walking up the scale same shapes and sounds, but I like your approach/explanation more.


Jack thats amazing. My wife heard this and said "Hey Bub that sounds like you" She,s right I would say that 90 percent of the way I play is based on what you are talking about here. My single note playing and chords all come from this and what you call "dodecaphonics".

A couple of days ago I posted a track here ("Hypnosis") It has every chord produced by the scale approach you explain. Infact almost every chord is made up of diatonic 4ths and most of the melody. The chordal melody section before (2:22) and after (3:46) the middle was taken from another song which was in D min (dorian) I slid the pattern down a half step and bingo its now sounding very different in E maj (lydian) this slide rule effect is a great way to get inspired.

Jack please don,t think this is a hi-jack of this post. If anything it should make people check out your video again and make sure they understand it. Its actually very easy and a great way to navigate the fingerboard.

So thanks again for another super video lesson. You are a great guitar guru.

P.S. Have you run out of hats !!! :AOK


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Saw this over on rec.jazzguitar and commented there, too.

Thanks for all the stuff. I am a proud owner of SOS I, yet far too infrequent an operator of same. I grab exercise or idea here and there, work on it and see what makes it into performance. These videos really help.

You absolutely rock, man.

Mike T

Jack, just got "Sheets Of Sound". Looks great, went through a bit on sweeping. It's all makes sense and is very logical the way you have laid out picking. I truly wish I had more time to spend on it, but I will I'm sure. your video here and the difficulty with fingerings reminds me of Mick Goodrick's voice leading stuff. I love the sound of fourths and seconds and that whole quartal harmony thing, have for years, and have been trying to spend some time with Mick Goodricks series.. Just wanted to let you know that I got your book(s..vol 1 and 2), am very impressed with them and hope to do them justice and spend the time with them that they deserve. Thanks man!

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