Eric Johnson SRV live 2006 GP6 tab


I posted Steve Vai Sisters, and EJ's Trademark, I decided to do this one in the last week or so. I'm never happy with the tabs that are posted online, or even the official transcriptions. I like the live versions because you can see the video and use your ears. It's been good ear training and I enjoy figuring out how these types of players change the song vs the album version after 20 years of playing it.

The album version has the first solo played by SRV's brother, Jimmy Vaughn, but the live version has a different solo because he starts it off with a slide on his pinky. When you start to learn a few EJ songs, his style becomes a bit easier to understand in terms of the chords he likes in the clean tones, as there's a few shapes that repeat a LOT. And the kinds of licks he does in his solos, or the fast pentatonic stuff also repeats a lot. It's not that hard after you take some time to understand it, it's just different compared to most other blues players and it's hard to find good online lessons about it. One of the things about EJ solos is people talk about playing in 5's but in the solos I've tabbed, it's usually just 4's (16th notes), it's just his way of playing, and the unique way he ascends or descends through the pentatonics that makes it seem more complicated than what it is. And gives that EJ vibe. He does sometimes use 5's though.

In my opinion learning songs like this (accurately) are more helpful than buying a "play in the style of EJ" book. But I guess you have to be a fan in the first place to have an interest. I'm not talking about cloning his style, but just learning how he does what he does and why. The most interesting thing for me in transcribing these two songs, is how specific and interesting his rhythm/timing is, there is so many nuances to it, even on simpler stuff, the way he holds notes or bends. He takes simple things and spices them up and makes them more rhythmically interesting.

You need the software Guitar Pro 6 to open the file. Not many people have this software but I figure there's no harm sharing it for those that do. Most of the fingerings/notes are accurate but some chords are played in 2nd or 5th position and I like to play 7th position, and some of them are tabbed in an easier to play way that I prefer. The notes are the same though, so it's personal choice.
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