Eric Johnson Strat question


Wondering if anyone's tried any interesting upgrades on an Eric Johnson strat. Love the guitars feel and sound just wondering if there are any little improvements out there that can be made.



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I had a few EJs and one I messed a pickup on by accident so I bought CS Fat50s and threw them in and kept it wired the same. Also threw some Raw Vintage saddles in there. Overall it got rid of the ping I had trouble with and made it a warmer/more fatter guitar. I was very very pleased.

Jim Collins

One man's improvement is another man's sacrilege.

I cannot stand a Strat pickup that does not have a tone control, whether that pickup is a bridge or middle. (Admittedly, this is odd, because I love the no-tone-control position on an Esquire.) Consequently, for me blender wiring was an upgrade.

I like the EJ pickups, but I like others, more, so I put other pickups in, with the blender wiring.

Finally, the static electricity noise was bugging me. Wiping the pickguard with a Bounce sheet was a temporary fix, but I wanted something more permanent. So, I replaced the pickguard with three-ply/eight hole, and added an under-pickguard shield. This solved the static problem. To me, that was a very significant upgrade.

Actually, I made pickup/wiring changes with new components, on a new pickguard. The old pickguard, with all its components, was removed. It can be reinstalled when I sell it. (I always end up selling Strats. Try as I might, I cannot bond with them.)


Standard polarity pickup in the middle, Graphtech saddle on the 1st string. Can't notice a lot of difference with the saddle, but like the std polarity pickup made a slight change I like.

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