Ernie Ball 25k Volume Pedal tone suck (With a buffer)

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    Mar 6, 2007
    Now this one is minimal, but hear me out as I'm curious.

    Basically, I took my Volume Pedal off my board a while back for a wah for a certain gig I was doing but I haven't properly used it in a while so I thought I'd use the volume again. I stuck it in one of the free loops of my Musicom Lab, after my drives. It was in loop 7, which I believe is one of the buffered loops. Definite high end loss when engaged. So I stuck a buffer before it's input, which I used to do and whilst it's super close, there's a slight drop in high end and what sounds like a volume loss though that might be perception based on a slight treble loss.

    Is this something you just have to deal with or is there a way around it? Any volume pedals that don't do this? Is it possible that when I fixed my broken string in my pedal that I affected how far the pot is travelling, i.e. it's not maxing?

    Another thing I should add is, with the Volume Pedal in loop 7, it's never just guitar --> Volume pedal --> amp, there's always something before it, whether it's my compressor, OD, or if I am going direct to my amp, I'm using the buffer in my KokoBoost. Any ideas how it's possibly sucking highs in that scenario? Minimal patch cables, all low capacitance Lava, etc.
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    The Hilton seems to be unity gain, and it's also internally buffered, so it doesn't do this.

    It's totally possible to re-string with a slight offset so that it doesn't go to max, as well.
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    the answer is the new Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal.

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