Ernie Ball Volume Jr Alternatives


I'm looking for a new volume pedal. I'm sick of breaking strings, so my requirements would be, no string, no tone sucking like the ernie ball, but same size approx to the JR. Oh, and passive would be nice too.

Any ideas???



I just wanted to say I completely understand what you mean about tone sucking with the EB VP Jr. What I eventually discovered was my placement in the chain was responsible for causing most of that nasty tone. When I placed a toadworks big banana buffer pedal also in the chain it all but removed any undesired aspects of the VP. It is now the perfect volume pedal. As for strings maybe replace with kevlar?

I don't think there is anything particularly bad about the EB. But poor placement will cause any vol pedal to suck tonally, or lack of a buffer with multiple pedals won't help the situation either. I'm convinced my Dunlop pedal in retrospect wasn't sucking as I first though but because I'd placed it incorrectly In My chain.


I bought a Boss FV-500L to use as an expression pedal with my M9, and while it worked fine I am currently using it as a volume pedal. I have not noticed any tone drop. It is passive and the feel of the pedal is adjustable to suite your preference.

Some people complain about the size. I don't mind it as it fits my shoe nicely. I put it on my packed board and I have not had issues with bumping settings or switches like I have in the past with a custom volume pedal made from a Dunlop wah.

Oh, and I bought the stereo version (550L) over the mono (550H) because they are the same price...figured why not.

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