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ES-335 style guitars....


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Cherry red is an easy slam dunk for a 335,If you don't go red, black can be a winner but it needs a bit of patina and some colour in the binding, so I'm going to ask @Jahn to get himself over here and post his amazing black 335 to demonstrate (or alternatively Keith Richards could pop in with his black 355. You out there Keef? No? Ok, back to Jahn...
Ask and ye shall receive! 1984 Gibson ES-335 Dot RI. Yep it’s got that patina and amber look to the places that used to be white, like binding and Inlays.


Just pick a tone color that sounds good to your eyes.

I do like walnut, seafoam green, daphne blue (and other pastels) and lots of other colors (except green).

I have an Ibanez AS93 w/ Blue burst flame top. It's a pretty color and I don't always like blue bursts.
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In all honesty, red is my overall favorite. I think it's just so iconic. But there was a light burst out a couple of years ago that I drooled over, won't lie. It made me question my red leanings... Mostly this was just an excuse to see awesome guitars.

Kurt L

Lots of finishes look great... but red is the classic look, followed closely by natural, with black in third place.

Average Joe

Seethrough brown wouldn't work on a lot of guitars, but imho it's one of THE classic colours for a semi, especially the versions with trapeze bridges like this. Could be my longtime BB King and Drew Zingg fandom making me biased :D

Dont have a picture of my own semi right now, but it's regular cherry read.

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