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ok. So I have read through the massive ES8 thread and haven't found the answers to these questions. I would appreciate help from those of you using the ES8.
(1) when creating a patch can that patch also include channel changing on a two channel amp? Ie if I am playing through the dirt channel of my shiva can I create a patch that switches to the clean channel as well as one that selects a preset on my timeline and a fuzz pedal? When I turn that patch off does it default to the dirt channel that was in operation before I turned the patch on or does it remain on the clean channel?
If it remains on the clean channel do I then need to create another patch to default back to the dirt channel?
(2) when I call up a patch that has say a timeline preset, a big sky preset, a chorus and a fuzz- my understanding is that once I have called up this patch I can switch the ES8 to manual mode and turn anyone of the four pedals off (for say a verse) and then switch it back on (for say a chorus). Is that correct.
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1) yes. You can use the control ports to work as an external footswitch would. If your amp is normally on the clean channel and then you push the footswitch for the dirty channel, your clean channel will be the default and then you can save the dirty channel by activating the right control port on a per preset basis.

If you have a 4-hole style amp, I think you'd have to set one loop's output to one channel and another loop's output to the second channel. Then activate the appropriate loop you need for each patch. I haven't tried that personally so someone correct me if I'm wrong.

2) I believe so.

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