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ESP HRF NT - Anyone played it?


Yes I have, and it is an amazing guitar. I was shopping for an ESP Horizon late last year and I still slightly regret getting a regular Floyd Rose equipped Horizon over the HRF. I could also score the HRF in Amber cherry burst finish which is way cooler looking than the black one - though they too look very nice in person.
The quality of the HRF is as of an Horizon, and the difference is in the bridge (being a fixed bridge) and the headstock.


Thanks man! I'm pretty sure they've discontinued all colors except Black for this year but there are still some Red and Blue ones on ebay. I'm pretty sure I want it, but I'm not so sure about the Blackouts themselves. I'm thinking of dropping in a EMG 57/66 set, but it would look kinda weird :p.

Anyone got an opinion on the Blackouts for clean stuff?

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