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hello my name is scott, i live in tampa fla, my question is i have a chance to buy a early 90s model kamakaze 2, its the blue and white one its in mint condition and is signed by george lynch him self, the asking price is 2100.00 the only thing im curious about is that the seller says there is no esp sticker on the back of the guitar, the seller owns a music store and has very good feedback, this is his personal guitar, could this be the real deal or maybe a very good copy:huh any feedback would be appreciated before i plunk down 2 grand for this guitar, ive wanted one of these since i was a kid and can finnally aford an instrument of this quality, thanks scott:huh:huh:huh


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they did'nt put ESP logos on the back of the headstock until late 90's to early 00's Back in the 90's (and I owned 4 Lynches) the only logo was on the front of the headstock.

$2100 is a bit high for an early 90's model. I bet he'd take $1800-1900. Not a lot of dudes want to run around with a 1.5" thick slab of blue camouflaged maple. They are fun guitars though.

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