ESP Viper SG Neck Dive Fix


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I fixed my ESP Viper 1000 SG neck dive with some lighter tuners today. Gotoh Oval Knob 3+3 Tuners. Stew Mac number 0914.

I know they make a million different versions of the Viper. I am not sure if they all have neck dive. MY version is the 1000 with the White body, Gold Hardware, SD pickups, Earvana Nut, Ebony Board. Nice guitar. But the locking gold tuners were just too heavy. The tuners I found only come in chrome only, so I sort of ruined the look with chrome instead of gold, but they are much lighter. About 33 percent lighter. Stew Mac lists the weight of the tuners, so you can use that if you need to pick lighter tuners.

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