European guitar (or general gear) builders?


Has anyone had great experiences with luthiers performing non-trivial work on their guitars (refrets, neck resets, etc.) in Europe? Could you recommend some?

I've had a single neck-reset + refret done by a luthier in the UK about 7 or 8 years ago but it was a pretty bad experience (took too long, got the guitar back scratched, with part of the binding visibly re-glued by the luthier and part of it just unglued).

Hopefully somebody/someplace in the EU proper? TFOA might be a good place, not sure.
I went around solething like 10 luthiers in and around Paris some years ago and could find non-one in whom I could feel confidence to unertake a retoration project, so I turned to Philippe Dubreuil in Campden, Central London . He did excellent work for me. At the time he had a very small cellar workshop in Tin Pan Alley and was building up his UK reputation. I had bought a 1961 ES-175D with PAFs where the previous owner has decided that the neck was too wide and had the binding stripped off and the neck extensively thinned. I bought it at a very low price and asked Philippe to build me a 1961 neck, using existing tuners, trussrod, dark rosewood fingerboard and inlays. It took several months but the quality of the work was outstanding. His own line of guitars is more "in your face" heavy rock in style, but they play remarkably well. Wilco Johnson was one of his regular customers whom I bumped into a couple of times in Philippe's workshop.

Alternatively try Knight guitars in Surrey, where the quality of work has been very high for more than 50 years - be prepared to wait behind a queue of major rock stars....

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