Eventide H9 doing odd things like phasing with 4CM


Sadly my H9 MAX is phasing and/or making some amps howl or noisy in the 4CM.

All serial loops, H9 is set serial and I've tested a variety of cables. There is noise bleeding through when you look at the level meter with one ch really high even when not playing.

If I use it into the front or loop in 'normal' everything is fine. It's like there is an issue with the hardware when in 4CM only.

Anyone experienced this?

How do I demo it to the shop I bought it from? Even if I drag an amp in they might just say the amp is the culprit.

Surprisingly it doesn't do it with every amp.

Even more odd, the amp it's particularly bad with worked fine when the H9 was connected with a Boss ES-5 with the buffer turned on with 4CM.

Not sure what to do.

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