Eventide H9 owners- will either one do the following?

Gar B

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Can either the H9 or the Core do all the following:

give me midi preset patches (say 8 or 9 tops) set for


Single and multiple echo delays (with tempo set by non midi tap pedal), and possibly simultaneous reverb

Chorus, with possible simultaneous tap tempo delay

Rotary, with possible simultaneous tap tempo delay

Kill dry,

Analog dry thru

No latency when switching patches

In other words, what I can currently get out of a Rocktron Replifex or Multivalve, but with higher quality sound in a floor pedal

Thanks for your insight and help!



Download the H9 Control App for your phone or computer (I prefer the computer interface) and explore all of the settings within the "Pedal" Tab and see if that answers your Midi questions. You can use the program in demo mode if you don't already own an H9.

There's a slight delay when switching patches, but no stutter when bypassing/activating already loaded effects.

Some of the algorithms have multi-effects (delay/reverb etc.) but you are not able to double up when using only one H9. You should be able to easily program most of the other single effects you have listed above to your liking.

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