Eventide Rose vs. Meris Polymoon?


I'm not looking for something particular just a good sounding digital delay for some ambient stuff and these two are interesting. What are their strengths? Which would you pick and why?
I haven’t tried the polymoon, but I have a Mercury 7 and I owned a rose and a blackhole.

People rave about the rose, but I was never crazy about the sound, even with the editor. I don’t get the hype. For similar sounds , I actually like my empress og super delay.

So, back to eventide and Meris. I never got a sound I liked with the blackhole. The Mercury 7 is completely awesome.

I would blind buy the Meris assuming it has the features you need.

I would not buy an eventide pedal again.


I haven't tried the Rose; people seem to really like it though. All I can say is the Polymoon is my fav digital delay. It's crystal clear and can get incredible modulated delays. The smearing on the delays is just magic. Only reason the Polymoon is leaving my board in the near future is because of the LVX. Otherwise, that thing would never leave. The downside to the Polymoon is that the secondary functions are a bit annoying to use, if you use them. And you don't really need to use them tbh.


I love the Rose pedal myself. I definitely wouldn't buy it if you're looking for crystal clear delays though.

The Rose has more of a 12-bit or analog character. It is one of the few new pedals that offers really long delays for Riley-style (aka Frippertronics) looping. As well as flange & chorusing at the other end of the spectrum.

You can also assign tap tempo, infinite repeat etc. to a three-button pedal, which is very useful live!

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