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I have an H9 and Timeline and I am happy with the delays in both units. I generally prefer ICE to shimmer/crystals though (with a wet at end of chain). I also find I tend to like the voicing of some of the deeper modulated textural delays on the Timeline better. In my rig the H9 serves primarily as a Swiss Army style utility pedal with a lot of modulation and special effect / reverb duties.

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I have an H9, a TimeFactor, a Big Sky, and a Neunaber Slate on my board. They all have strengths and weaknesses. I like them all for what they do well. I don't think that brand loyalty is all that useful. There are a lot of great products from a lot of great manufacturers.


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The H9 is a real winner all round. I'm so impressed with it.

In terms of sonics, both brands have great things to offer and a mix of both is a great idea.

However in terms of use of technology and convenience Eventide have stolen a march with the H9.


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Moreover with Eventide you also get new algorithms even for free, not only for the H9 but also for the 7+ year old factor pedals. Amazing stuff!


the. mobius is good and i have one but it doesnt work well in effects loops as it cant really handle +4 line levels and the output impedance is too high for effects return so you lose high end. i plan on getting a radial extc device to compensate.

also infront of amp you get that high end digital whine noise with mobius

this is just my experience.


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I would say the H9 over any one Strymon pedal. With the release of the H9 it's not a versus thing anymore IMO.
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I sold my Eventides after I got my Strymons. Worth every penny. Prefer the tone and modulation and sound of the BigSky and Timeline.

Mean speak from my own heart !


But I don't really dislike Eventides, just prefer Strymons, and easier to turn knobs.


Eventide has repackaged the same algos for years.

Strymon always.

That's partly due to the fact that Eventide has been around for "years" and that Strymon is in its infancy comparatively. Not to mention the fact that the same old "algos" still get the job done...look at the equipment in most legitimate studios and you'll almost always find an old Ultra Harmonizer sitting in the rack. Nothing against Strymon...I've owned a Flint and Blue Sky, as well as an H3000 and and GTR4000. All incredible units, all now belong to somebody other than me due to various reasons. I think that, with the money some people spend on all these pedals, if they sold them and bought an old Harmonizer, they'd get way more bang for their buck and tweakability as well as putting some money back into their wallet.


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in the end it definitely boils down to personal preference as proven no one can really tell a strymon from a zoom so use your ears and be happy.


They're obviously both excellent, though I prefer the H9 at this point. As well as what the USB/Bluetooth/computer management brings to the table, the Eventide has a more 'hi-fi' kinda sound, more clarity that works slightly better for what I'm into. The earlier post about losing high end/line levels is interesting in that regard... Will have to look into it some. Swapping units in and out with the rest of my board set as is though, the Strymon is definitley slightly muffled, or dare I say muddy, in comparison. Maybe my unit's kaput?

That's all just in relation to the Timeline/delays, btw, (not even getting into how you can basically customise an H9 to be whatever you want wheras you'd have to buy all three Strymons). Would still like to try a Big Sky though. Something else that I find different too, is how dynamic the Eventide delays are. You can really control how much the repeats pop out or 'sit back' with picking dynamics in a way I've not managed with the other. Blew my mind the first time I played it like that.

Imo, ymmv and all that...


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in the end it definitely boils down to personal preference as proven no one can really tell a strymon from a zoom so use your ears and be happy.

I can tell the difference in terms of global tap vs preset tempos, looper available always as a midi option, wow and flutter on the dTape algo, etc. Just because I can set two pedals to sound the same for one sound doesn't mean they can do all the same sounds.

For eventide vs Strymon- I think there's less difference, but there are differences, especially in terms of the modulations hat are in each verb algo in the BigSky, and the modulations in the delays in the Timeline. The filtering between the TL/TF is substantial as well in terms of EQ filters.

I haven't owned the h9 but I found the buffer/converters in the space and Timefactor to be anything but transparent, whereas the buffer in the Strymon doesn't really bother me. I hear the H9 is better in this regard.


I like both. Prefer the Timefactor way more than the Timeline, but like the Blue Sky better than anything else I've tried out.


But they are outstanding algorithms that are still very useful. Most equipment companies recycle earlier stuff to make newer stuff. When something is useful, why change just for the sake of change?

I notice you have a Les Paul reissue, and a Mesa MkV. Both of these are in the same camp, aren't they? A distillation of earlier ideas from these companies. The fact that the Mark V is sort of a "greatest hits" does not detract from its usefulness.

They just do a good job of it.

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