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I´m new owner of Timefactor and I like to know few things about aux and midi. Can I use somehow two Boss FS5 footswitches to scroll up and down presets? If it is possible, how you make preset active? Or do I need a midi controller, like Midi Mouse to do this? I just need a best and fastest access to all presets.

Other question: If I use Timefactor in bank mode, I´m not able to use tap tempo? Can I use FS5 in this? So I could use tap tempo in presets.

There is some update which makes possible to name presets. In this case, I can see preset name until I make it active?



eventide has good info in the manual and online.
To really use the footswitch, you need a 2 or 3 button momentary switch with a TRS (stereo) cord. In the setup menu you can specify what you want each of the 3 FS to do.
Bank up and bank down are two options. Also tap tempo.
Once a bank is selected you still hit one of the two preset switches on the TF.

MIDI controllers are the most flexible way to make things happen. Using program change and CC gives you a lot of control.
But a 3 button FS and an expression pedal go a long way.


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There are instructions online for a 3 button external footswitch that you can program to do any of a number of functions.

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