ever been 100% satisfied with at least one area of your rig?


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pedals've always been my achilles heel; i've gone through several hundred in the past decade alone, buying, selling and trading like a maniac, even when i was completely content with what i had. i guess it's their (relatively) lower price point and (relatively)- to me- expendable position in rig hierarchy that allowed for constant swapping.

guitars and amps on the other hand have always been a significantly more stable commodity.

sure, i've bought, swapped and sold a handful of amps, but my core sound has always been the same for the past eight years; a bruno underground 30 reverb head into a %13 2x12 cab. i'd gone through at least a dozen boutique amps since i got the bruno, but it was always the one that stuck around and completely satisfied my tonal needs- i'd only tried the others out of boredom, knowing that none would de-thrown the underground 30. these days i find myself looking for a small 1x12 fender combo for the times that dragging a head and cab isn't the most practical course of action, but it'll never replace what i've got now.

likewise, i've had the same main guitar for the past several years- and before that another that was with me for several years. even when i've had several great guitars around i'd pick the same one up every time; my '06 cs tele. i've got some truly exceptional- and desirable- vintage guitars now, but the tele satisfies me like no other.

what, if any, area of your own rig are you 100% satisfied with?


Yep. 100% satisfied with delay and modulation. I MAY add some things for fun, but won't feel the need to upgrade delay or modulation for a good long while.


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My Forte cabs are the best cabs I've ever owned. I'll keep them regardless of what I use on top down the road.


I'm usually about 90% satisfied with everything most of the time. At times I've been 100% satisfied with everything. Currently, I'm wanting a different guitar... totally want to switch it up to something really different. But that's gotta wait...


I'm totally ok with all my cables. (I'm not trying to be snarky; I just never feel I need to try something different)


Pretty happy with my Strats. I don't think I'm lacking a thing with my guitars to be honest.

My pedals... well part of the trouble is they're the affordable part of the rig, and it's so easy to get caught up in the zillions of great options out there and thinking the NEXT pedal is going to do something that the hundreds before it couldn't. In reality, once you find more than a handful that work well with your rig, it's honestly just splitting hairs to find differences in most. But still, it's hard not to look.

Amps? Well, if they were cheaper I'd own and experiment with more. I have three Fender tweeds... 2 Twinolux's and a 59 Bassman... so I think I'm doing great, I admit. But then I'd love to have a quality 212 Marshall to run, or something that gives me that Marshall tone in something other than a half stack setup.

Ahhh well, I'm happy with my guitars... for now...


I'm more or less playing the same rig that I was using in 2003/2004.

None of what I have now is original to that rig... I did get experimental for a few years and sold everything to fund new things, but after the "grass is greener" effect wore off I found myself going back to what worked in the past (and upgraded a few things in the process).

I'm not a big pedal guy so that's probably saved me a lot of money in the long run. The hardest part to get right was the delay, and I'm 100% happy with the Strymon I'm using now.


My rig sounded so good at out last gig. I'm totally satisfied and won't be changing anything for a while.

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My main guitar. I've had it for 13 years and have never considered selling it

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Right now I am totally satisfied with my overdrives (I know I will get more just because I like to get new stuff). Like the guy said above me I usually love my sound then I get on TGP and everyone says that I need those haunting mids.
Very satisfied with my DMM, crappy Ibanez Soundtank Tremolo, and my Hotcake. I love my strat, but i'd also really love a second guitar. 90% happy to continue using a Sansamp and not have to carry around a tube amp.


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My core sound has been the same for almost 5 years and counting (Franken-Tele > some kind of TCE delay & reverb > EL84-based amp).

Fuzz and overdrive are expendable. Everything else is pretty constant.


The only part of my rig that hasn't really changed and probably won't is delay and modulation. I am not too picky with delay, so I use a Flashback which has been on for every gig and rehearsal for three years. For modulation, all I use is phaser, and the VFE Enterprise pretty much does it all for me.

Everywhere else I am restless. The PRRI is sometimes not big enough for my needs, the pickups in the guitars sometimes leave me wanting, and I have swapped out more ODs and comps than I care to mention.


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After playing around with a giant W/D/W rig and never truly being happy, I'm 100% happy with my amp (Mesa lonestar classic 2x12 with EV12Ls...sounds like heaven, but the weight is hell). Also for pedals 100% happy with the Cornish OC-1 Compressor, Rivera 3d Shaman for Chorus, and Ventilator 2 for leslie. Everything else on it I'm happy with but am always wondering what else is around the corner.

Wanting to pick up a new guitar too, thinking a Grosh.

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100% satisfied with both of my rigs.

One is an original, fuzzed out, blues based, southernish hard rock outfit using: several guitars > octave > wah > lots of fuzz > treble boost > od and buffer > trem > flange > delay > switcher > Olde 800 and VT-40 both always on.

The other is a cover, wedding/party/dinner music duo using: Nashville Tele > light od/boost > od > comp > chorus > delay > Special 6 and Pathfinder 15r both always on.

Some nice, high end pedals, and some cheapo, good sounding minis. Lots of the pedals I've had for years, and it's taken a decade or more to find the right combinations. Needless to say, I spend much more time playing and practicing than fussing over gear these days.
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My rig is embarrassingly good.

My skillz could use an upgrade!

My favorite guitars are Teles, so I've acquired two nice ones, one that I built from parts and one '62 custom reissue. I've had the custom for 6 years or so. Last year I got unshakeable Stratlust ... took some extra money and, instead if doing something responsible with it, I went on the hunt. I love the american vintage fender stuff, so I went out and played various examples from all the models. Don't laugh, but I ended up with a Stevie Ray signature. It had everything I didn't realize I wanted. It now gets as much or more action than the Teles, much to my surprise. I am more than satisfied with my guitars.

I have returned to playing through fender amps. I've realized that all the sounds is ever need for the music I like can come out of either a cleanish blackface amp (princeton or ab763 concert) or my blown-out tweed deluxe. I no longer need to be raging ac30 loud. Amps: covered.

I have plenty of pedals, and I at least really like if not love all the ones I have. My pt1 is plenty of tonal variety, and I have all the major food groups covered (great comp, fuzz, OD, mod, the obligatory three delays, and more stuff in my "synth rig"). But pedals, you see, are so cute and collectible, like Beany Babies. I will probably never stop goofing off with them, even if no more pedals were ever made. There's so much out there.

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