Ever decide on a new guitar but then can't find it anywhere?


I spent months deciding that I wanted a Jazzmaster and then more months deciding between new or vintage, boutique or Warmoth. Then I chose (as best I could considering Incant physically try them all) on the Fender Thurston Moore signature but in the past 4 months I can't find any of them on the used market. They weren't discontinued all that long ago so I wasn't expecting them to be this rare. It's getting frustrating to the point where I'm trying to figure out plan B. Ever had this happen? How did it turn out?

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Twice. Latest is a limited edition squier classic vibe 50's with mary kaye finish and gold hardware. Really really hard to find.


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In my area, pretty sure there are unsold ones at both bill's music in Catonsville, md and chuck levin's in Wheaton,md. Give 'em a call

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After reading so much praise about them, and going through three American Standard Telecasters and selling them because I really dislike the necks, I decided on a used Baja Telecaster. I used to see them fairly often used on CL or on GC's used site.

Ever since I've made my decision, not a one has come up.

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