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Ever install sound posts in a Gibson ES 330 or similar hollow body?


Silver Supporting Member
I just did.
First I wedged a 5/8 dowel inside the body approx. under the 'D' string bridge saddle. It really improved the acoustic tone of the guitar. It took away a lot of the mid range tone, and gave it a better balanced sound..
It also took away alot of the liveliness, easy to feedback capabilities.maybe too much......
So, I took out the 5/8 dowel, and put in a 1/4" dowel.
I like it a alot better....guitar is easier to control feedback wise, and has a better acoustic tone.

What are your experiences?


Gold Supporting Member
I've done this for feedback control. If you wedge the dowels and don't glue them, they are easy to remove if needed.

mad dog

Silver Supporting Member
I put a soundpost into my Peerless Wizard. For feedback control. It did make a difference. But I've always wondered if good luthiers know where to best put a soundpost. I certainly don't.

My epiphone casino came to me with a soundpost installed. Whoever did that one sure did it right. Reduces feedback (compared to the other casino I owned) and has a great tonal balance low to high.

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