Ever realize you’re just…done?

So I’m poking around TGP and came across an ad for a sunburst Strat at a pretty good price. I got excited then realized…I don’t need it.

I have a main guitar, and a suitable backup for gigs. I’m satisfied with my modeling solution. Satisfied with my monitoring choice.

So, as excited as I got for a few minutes, I sighed and moved on.

Let me guess - that means my TGP card is going to be revoked, right?!?
I think I’m the worst of both worlds. I have 15 electrics, (just bought another one the other day, lol), and I have been pretty much just playing one guitar since the fall, (and still bring my backup of course).

Having said that, and evidenced by my purchase this week, I still GAS for more.

I guess I belong here.
I was talking to Mrs. JB_SC about this a couple nights ago.

JB: "I think I'll get rid of the extra guitars I don't play, get one more electric, and one acoustic, and be done with it."

Mrs. JB: ::hard eye roll:: giggles "Yeah, right!"

JB: "No, really! I only ever play two main electrics, and I only really want one more. I don't have a steel string acoustic. That's it."

Mrs. JB: [incredulous tone] "Well, I'll believe it when I see it."

JB: "You know, if I get rid of my extra guitars, we can probably buy you another Fender bass..."

Mrs. JB: "Now you're talking!"
I'm pretty happy with my main guitar and modeling rig, but still have a few things that I want to explore in both guitars and other gear - namely wireless IEM's and some kind of better backing track solution than my RC-500 on that front. For guitars I still want to get a semi-hollow and a fixed-bridge version of my main guitar. Not "done" but really not that far from it either.
If I want to buy something, I buy it. If I don’t, I don’t— “needs” have nothing to do with it. Nobody needs any of this stuff. My only regrets are the guitars I didn’t buy and they slipped away forever. Those can keep me up at night.
All these handwringing/back patting “self revelation” threads are just so tedious.
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