Ever set up a completely STUPID pedal set with an amp and it turns out GLORIOUS?


As it turns out, last night I did just that. I took my Soldano SLO and used the crunch channel, set up crunchy but not overly so. I stacked an MXR Custom Badass Overdrive set with level full up, gain off, treble and 100hz knobs at 12 o'clock into a J.Rockett The Dude with the gain set half way up, the level set about at 10:30 in the o'clock range, treble about 11 o'clock and the bass about the same.

Running just the MXR was an outrageous rock rhythm tone, clicking on The Dude brought it to massive lead tones. Singing sustain that I can't come close to in the house with the amp at a reasonable volume. I mean it just freakin' smoked!

That being said, I am a gainoholic and if I ever committed suicide it would be suicide by overdrive...LOL...

On a quick side note, with just the MXR engaged, rolling down the volume on a Tele brought an absolutely beautiful blues tone out of the cab. Any of you guys do that?

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