Ever sold gear to a famous rocker?

Not directly but Charlie Burchill from Simple Minds bought my '67 Gretsch White Falcon which was on consignment in a Denmark st shop in London.

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Here's my time to shine - About 10 years ago I lived in central Illinois and posted a natural Fender MIM jazz bass on Craigslist for a reasonable price. Got a couple cash offers but one other offer stuck out. I received an email from the then-drummer (not original member) of Molly Hatchet looking to trade some signed merch and VIP passes to their upcoming show. I politely declined.
Quite a few. I respect the artists privacy but enjoy watching my former guitars or pedals on instagram, or some cool concert footage. Sometimes I wish I never sold them.

I also rented guitar and bass stacks to big tours. Often just for show.


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Yepper, many years ago Al Schnier from Moe. bought my original Fulldrive 2 pedal.. .They were on tour and he had me to send it right to the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. . Thought that was pretty cool (He used to be a member here)


Late EDIT: I just watched this video from 2015 where around 9:08 he starts talking about the Fulldrive2 .. I sold him an Orange one way before that and that'd be wild if that was still the same one in 2015. ha. .
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This thread is timely to pop up, because I literally just sold my tube pre-amp pedal to Frank Marino's musician brother Vince who answered my local ad from his home in Montreal..He seems happy with it. Montreal is only a hop and a skip from here,,Really nice guy, and we shot the sauce twice on the phone..He's into amps, and the technical side of things. He works as an amp tech and sound engineer, but he did tour with his brother for 16 years as his rhythm guitarist. I got a few good tips from him.

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