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Every physically damaged a pedal?

Jonny D

I can hardly imagine physically damaging a pedal. Electronic problems I can see.

Have you ever broken a pedal?

x-ray specs

I've broken 2 Dunlop dvp volume pedals. Though it wasn't really my fault. The cheap steel band drive broke in both pedals. Faulty design me thinks. Luckily, I has bought pedal insurance both times. :)


I broke a few knobs off pedals, bent jacks, cracked necks on guitars, amps falling off. That band was pretty energetic.
I'm a bit more careful with gear now.
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I broke the input jack of my old Boss CS-2, and as for my vintage Boss CE-2, I've chipped off the part where the screw meets the enclosure quite badly.


Dropped an old style Jekyll and Hyde on my RAT and took a big old chunk out of it and bent one of the knobs. Had to replace it so it would turn again.

I also trashed the thread on a Hammond enclosure (and the screw). Replaced the screw but ended up having to use some of that plumber thread white tape stuff to fix it. You know the stuff.

I also broke the plastic nut off a Russian EHX pedal and ended up snapping the board mounted jack off.

So yes. I have.


I managed to bend/crack the top footswitch part of a boss pedal. I just replaced it and the pedal works fine.


The battery covers on T-Rex's ToneBug series...
I was at a gig and changing the battery on the fly just prior.
With my fairly big hands, as it was a PITA to open from the middle. The rubber pads thickness added to the annoyance of getting your finger in there.
When I finally broke it completely off by over or hyper-extending the battery cover, I decided to write T-Rex. I cussed up a storm, (prior to tactfully warning them first, of course), expressing my findings with their design. I told them that their design made it difficult to change the battery while holding the pedal in your hands to manipulate the cover to flip open.

The cover is molded to fit one way...
I suggested a better, ergonomically friendly approach by simply turning the cover around 180° so it can easily flip open from the outer edge while holding the pedal in one hand and manipulating the cover.
-Simply to make a cover that is molded mirror image or a universal type, proprietary to their company's cosmetic...


They took my inquiry serious with a sincere e-mail and thanked me for the constructive input and laughed about the 4 letter words...
Not a biggy if they redesign or address this issue of course, but you need pedals that one relies upon;
to function properly and not have that be a concern prior to a going on stage for a performance. Good ole duct tape fixed that ! lol
On with the show !


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Visual Sound .......their supposed "good for a million cycles" switch failed on my chorus pedal with MINIMAL use.....opened up the case.....these guys use a piece of FOAM between the switch and a microswitch on the board!!!!

What a joke!


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I broke one of the switches on a friends L6 M-9. In fairness, I'm not gentle.



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Every physically damaged a pedal?

Every proof read to make sure what you wrote makes sense?

King Rat

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My knobs seem to chip away at themselves... Usually when I leave the room... And just from being pulled on and off the board and stored they seem to chip away at each other's paint....


Yes. I was an idiot and used this to hook together 2 Boss pedals:

I completely ruined the Out jack of a DS-1 by stomping on it so hard. Luckily, it was a lesson that I learned early (and cheaply) on in my playing career.


Robo Sapien NoiseMaker
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Yes. A Mutron Phaser, back when I was young and it was new. I was playing a club, and somewhere in the first set the power cable got a little flakey and started intermitten failures.

Ah, the days before true bypass. Rather than sputter my way through the rest of the set, I took it out of line.

During the break, I quickly took it apart and resoldered one of the power links that connected the cable to the board. Cold-soldered bastard.

With about five minutes left, I slowly noticed I was having progressively increasing difficulty getting the thing reassembled. I then realized (or concluded, at any rate) that the thing seemed deliberately designed to make it impossible to take apart and put back together. Anyway, the band is waiting to get started and I'm looking up at them like "just give me 10 more seconds" for what had to be 3 minutes.

Finally, I realized it just wasn't going to happen. I calmly looked down at the collection of boards and case and screws and said, "I'm going to break you."

I stood up, stomped as hard as I could on the poor thing about 5 or 6 times, and took my amp off of standby.

I have always enjoyed the printer scene in Office Space.

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