EVH 5150iii and pedals


Hi all,

I'm a bit confused, and hoping the minds here can help.

I've been gassing for the EVH 50 watter. Why? Because I'm over the clean channel of my Marshall TSL, and the EVH gives me a lovely clean, but still a rocking crunch.

I had a decent play with one yesterday, and the problem I had was when I ran my pedals through it. Especially problematic with the Blackout VST. With the Marshall and my Vox, I use these more as alternative distortion and overdrive voicings rather than fuzz, and it's crisp, tight and cuts through perfectly. But with the EVH it was a nasty, messy, artificial sounding mess... no matter how I tried dialling it in. I jumped over to a Fender HR Deville, and it was great again. Back at home it was again great through my amps.

Is there something I'm missing? I LOOOVE the straight amp tones with the EVH (and sitting on 2 2x12" it looks freakin awesome!), and I would have thought the VST would have run nicely...

Any advice?

/edit Just realised this might also be one for the EPS&T forum, but as the amp is the variable in my dilemma, I'll try it here first. :)

Thanks all :)
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The EVH likes most settings around noon (or less). Going beyond that you are in boost territory. Its kinda the reverse of Marshalls. Back things way off, then add the pedals and tweak.

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