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EVH: How much has he inspired your rig?


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I've been thinking about that lately as I was processing he's gone and listening back to his music, something I hadn't done in some time for some of it.
Made me look back at where I'm coming from as a guitarist/musician in general, and the related evolution of my gear/rig.
I wondered where best to post this, and thought the amp corner was the most appropriate to start with.

Old simple classic "vintage" amps have been my main "home base" tone platform for decades, in particular those from the UK and the NMV Marshall above all.
Saying that Ed was one of the major influences early on is an understatement; even found those old pics:

Those were my actual rigs at some time years ago; even gigged that tribute B&W Frankenstrat with the matched home-made Converse.

I've been adding stuff here and there over the years, pursuing the wet/dry(/wet) adventure in various formats (could share more about that later on if anyone's interested), but that foundation is still there as the core main element for me, building around those old amps that I always seek to preserve the tone & feel of.
The sound is one part of it, but above all for me is the "feel" those amps can give you, the unmatched dynamic using your right hand attack & guitar controls.
And they are such fantastic platform for pedals/effects if that's what you like.

Feel free to share and celebrate you EVH rig heritage, beyond amps & cabs.
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Not much honestly, but I've always kind of wanted a 5150 and one of his EBMM style guitars.


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I grew up listening to him and certainly respect him but I'm not nearly so slavish as some on here. I think the biggest nod I can give is a bridge humbucker, the "punch" mode on the Iridium, and a phaser pedal.


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i love his sound but it hasn't really made its way into my music at all. if i had to pick out something i would say his use of flanging inspired me to add flange to my playing. other than that i guess you could say using your guitar's volume to clean up even when you're playing with a LOT of gain.


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My main rig... 0%

I bought an '80s Ibanez with a single bridge pickup and whammy so I could do that thing... it's cool.

Don't want to sound flippant; Van Halen was my first favorite band. Other than Eddie's awesome rhythm playing though, very little of his style or sound has made it into my own personal style.


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i suppose the main thing i got from him was his "aesthetic":
i just love the look of this guitar.
the other thing is i really do like the sound of the pickups to be direct mounted...there is something about how the guitar will feedback that sounds better to me.
i have one floyd rose guitar, but i don't love the FR, i prefer vintage trems w/ locking tuners, just easier for me.

as for his amps, well , i 've never lived in a place that i could crank a huge amp like he's always played, so that's never been a thing for me....


I loved early VH and listened to it ALOT when I was young.

Ironically, I have zero interest in learning EVH licks or apeing his sound.

Love Marshall’s and 5150 amps etc but my style is very different.

Eddie sounded like a total schmuck of a bloke so there is that too...
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I have a Wolfgang Special natural transparent finish on quilted maple top (hardtail and locking nut), both the 212 & 112 of the EVH cabs in white, and the MXR Phase 90, not the red striped, the M101SE (Special Edition sparkle orange from GC), IMO its the most definitely FX pedal of Eddie's vintage sound. I've had all this for years, wasn't impulsive purchases to just to get them after he passed away like so many are doing right now, most online dealers are out of stock on EVH Gear, MXR EVH pedals, and physical albums, typical.



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I don't think much at all. VH was probably my least favorite rock band in the 80s, and I still don't care to listen to them now. I really appreciate his rhythm playing though. I remember when the whole "isolated guitar" parts started hitting YouTube, and you could really hear just how much creativity and craft went into those rhythm sections - just superb, and a lot to learn from that.

I like bridge humbuckers in Strats and locking trems, but not as a direct influence from EVH. That really started for me after listening to Dann Huff.

David Garner

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Not at all. I love his music and have a ton of respect for him, but his game ain’t my game. I don’t play like that.

I wish I could. It’s way more impressive than my understated stuff. But my tone is influenced more by Warren Haynes and Marc Ford and especially Billy Gibbons than EVH. No disrespect. In fact, much respect — he’s so good I don’t even try.


I play nothing like EVH but i use his tone as somewhat of a starting point for what I need. If I’m in the ballpark with gain, mids, clarity, ect...I can pull off anything I need to for my own sound.

So for me he probably has a much bigger influence than what it might seem given what I play and write.


Quite a bit. I have the following EVH Signature gear.
Peavey Wolfgang
Peavey 5150 Combo
EVH Flanger
MXR Phase 90

My live rig is a Suhr PT15ir which is a Marshall style amp that can get nice and brown. My effects processor is a Fractal FX8. I have a Van Halen preset with a fantastic EVH Flanger block, EVH Phase90 block, Tape Delay block in front of the amp, and a Large Plate Reverb. That amp with that preset really gets there!

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