EVH Wolfgang Stealth... gateway drug to Ernie Ball Music Man Axis?


So I got a great deal on a EVH Wolfgang Stealth. Liked it so far but darn these guitars have the worst setups. Tried a bunch in store that were just a mess and then this one showed up and it has a light fret sprout, some uneven frets and so on.

Nonetheless, with some TLC it seems to sound and feel great. That kinda got me interested as its so light, the tones are classic even with the hotter pickups and the body shape is wonderfully "compact" feeling such that (if you aren't big and tall) the guitar feels like an extension of your body. Love the neck as well since it is very buttery and smooth.

The EVH got me into the overall feel. The other day a GC had a thrashed Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Super Sport used with the pickups swapped, all banged up yet it still sounded glorious. Not sure I need another HB guitar in my life esp at the EBMM prices but if I like the EVH should I just sell it and maybe my Charvel So Cal and go used Axis? If so, would you go with the hardtail or vintage trem? While I like the Floyd models too, the lack of tone control and split coils is a huge loss compares to the Super Sports.


It wasn't the gateway for me. I love my WG Stealth but never quite bonded with the EB. Not a knock on them, they are super well put guitars just never felt the need to grab one after getting my EVH.

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