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Came across this doing a search for attenuators

I recently picked up a 5150 50 watt head using it with a 2x12 and the master vol works really good. What would be the difference picking up the EWS and using it in the loop so I can crank the amp up a bit vs sticking with the master volume for fairly loud bedroom volumes as I'm doing now. Wondering how big of a change in tone it will be


Placing a volume pot in the fx loop will not let you crank the amp up any more than you're already doing - just like the master volume, this volume control will do the same job of keeping the signal level hitting the power tubes down. There could be a slight difference, if turning the master volume up higher were to cause distortion in the amplification stage driving the fx loop send (this happens in the Fender HRD when a volume box is used - cranking the master overloads the op-amp driving the loop send). But that would be about it.

If I understand the concept right, the EWS subtle volume control isn't really meant to be used as a pseudo-attenuator (by limiting the signal level at a different point than the master volume does). It's more intended as a tool to let you introduce subtle volume changes, to make sure you always sit exactly right in the mix.

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