Ex-Fender master builder starts own company


Didn’t quite expect TGP would’ve been so cynical about an entrepreneur, especially a boutique builder.

Maybe Carlos should also get an irrelevant degree and provide customer support.

As for uniqueness, all I see in the NGDs and the emporium are Teles, strats and LPs.


These master builders make me sick, when i worked at a well know music store in Nashville for 10 years as a tech, the Fender custom shop guitars that came in were the worst setup guitars from Fender. these guys can not make a guitar as well as the mass produced cnc guitars that come off the line and they charge big bucks, so called hand wound pickups are a joke, nuts were not cut well intonation was off, sharp fret ends, you guys are getting ripped off. This guitar is plain ugly.



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This brought to mind my close encounter with Dimebag Darrell (RIP) at the 1996 NAMM show. I was in the Korg booth playing a guitar through a Pandora effects box into headphones. DD, at that time endorsing the Pandora, comes into the booth with photographer and small entourage to do a photo shoot. As he walks past me, he gestures with his thumb and says "check out this dewd with his Zeppelin licks!"

I don't know any "Zeppelin licks". I was probably playing a Celtic tune. Does that count?
That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on here

Dimebag Darrell vs Digital Larry lolol


By the way, are any of you guys bass players? Go check out prices on the upper end basses. We are spoiled.

John Hurtt

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No his own shop.
I don't see any of his guitars in stock or for sale anywhere.
Wanted to see what he wound up building.
He put out an announcement a couple months ago about his own brand of guitars. I'm sure if you Google or go to his Instagram you will find it. If I recall it was big on hyperbole and short on details.


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i own a MB strat that carlos built when he was at fender and its a killer guitar, definitely an incredible strat. i think he did some of the best relic work at fender, and didnt build too many guitars either, compared to other master builders his run was pretty short.

7k is a tall order but it looks like these have sold well. all the guitars hes made so far have been heavy, like 8 lbs, but i like the aesthetics and vibe a lot, i really hope he does well. id buy one of the semi hollow teles hes doing. it makes sense that hed want to price his stuff where it was with Fender.

im surprised he made this move but definitely wishing him the best.

Mr Fingers

I wish him well. That does look like a simple build for that large amount of money, but if Fender can charge for the "master" status, then why shouldn't he? Surely "lowest price possible" can't be the absolute standard for makers of established reputation.

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