FS Exeltech Inverters, 24VDC, 600W and 2000W

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm selling two Exeltech inverters. These are in like-new condition and perfect working order. Exeltech inverters have the purest, cleanest sine-wave available on the market. This is important for use with high-end electronics and can be easily heard in your guitar amps too. You won't get all the buzz and background noise as you would from a lesser inverter. These are ideal for a small off-grid cabin or an RV/camper.

    They both use a 24 volt DC power source (battery bank) and provide 120 Volts AC. The 600 watt model will deliver up to 5.1 amps and the 2000 watt model will deliver up to 16.7 amps.

    I used the 2000 watt model in my off-grid home and it was fine for powering a washing machine and dryer (propane) and small appliances like a 12 amp vacuum cleaner, toaster oven and microwave. You just can't use them all at once.

    The owner's manual/installation manual can be found here:


    I'm asking for $350 for the 600 watt model and $850 for the 2000 watt model and that includes PayPal and UPS ground shipping within the CONUS.

    Please PM with any questions or purchase requests.



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