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I decided to plug in my EHX Graphic Fuzz this afternoon due to being snowed in and all I have to say is WOW! This thing is a great, flexible pedal. The graphic EQ gives it so much flexibility and I'm surprised at the way I've set the sliders to get "my" lead tone. I actually use a good bit of the distortion withe sliders heavy on the bass and lower mids with the high mids set in the middle (0) and and treble up a little. This yields a very touch responsive lead tone that responds extremely well to picking dynamics. Nels Cline is my here and he pointed me towards this (I've got the newer version) and I can't say enough good things about it. Anybody else enjoying theirs?

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I had the big box for awhile, ran at a higher voltage (40???). So tons of headroom, but the actual fuzz left alot to be desired as there wasn't a whole lot of gain. At first I thought it was flexible but the longer I had it I realized it had one generalized sound.


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When I had one I was expecting a fuzzy fuzz, so it didn't stick around long, but it was a very nice distortion overall. It could cover a lot of ground, but I prefer simpler dirt boxes. It seems like a genius idea though!

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